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CYLA 2020 Spring Season Cancelled
UPDATE: May 11 Sadly, I am reporting to you that after months...
2020 TryLax at Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs based Patriots Lacrosse hosted a US Lacrosse TryLax...
CYLA 2020
Please Click Here for an overview on the CYLA 2020 season, publushed...
UPDATED for FALL 2018: The CYLA (Colorado Youth Lacrosse Association)...
CYLA 2020 Spring Season Cancelled

UPDATE: May 11

Sadly, I am reporting to you that after months of trying to define a positive outcome, the CYLA Board of Directors have voted to cancel the 2020 Spring season. 

This was not a decision we took lightly.  As a Board, we reviewed the actions and guidance from the state, counties and school districts and determined we could not safely complete the regular season in a reasonable timeframe, nor hold our annual end of season tournament. 

Given the cancelation of our Season events, the Board also voted to refund 100% of each team’s assessment. In the meantime, our Treasurer will be reaching out to each clubs’ President and Treasurer with the exact amount of their assessment refund and how we should send it. 

All respective clubs have the responsibility to determine, communicate and deliver player fee refunds to their lacrosse families.

The Board of Directors will meet again in July to determine any actions required for the 2020 Fall season and will also begin to develop plans for the 2021 Spring season. 

In the coming weeks, the Board and the staff would like to know how your club is weathering this crisis and how the league can support you.  Please stay in touch and look for updates from Eric Witmer and me. 

We encourage all clubs to initiate local activities this summer for your players based on local social contact rules/field availability.  Use the following link as a resource for some lacrosse activities at home:  https://www.uslacrosse.org/lax-at-home

Thanks and stay healthy and safe. 

Mike Stears

CYLA President


by posted 03/12/2020
2020 TryLax at Colorado Springs

2/2/2020; More than 50 children experience lacrosse for the first time!

Colorado Springs based Patriots Lacrosse hosted a US Lacrosse TryLax Clinic on February 2nd, and had a great turnout. 

More than 50 children were able to experience lacrosse for the very first time, and hopefully will be future members of the CO lacrosse community. 

Special thanks to US Lacrosse and the Patriots Lacrosse Program for hosting. 

If you are interested in hosting a clinic of your own, or more information on US Lacrosse / TryLax, click here to learn more on USlacrosse.org, or reach out to USL's Mountain region representative

What is TryLax?

TryLax® is an exciting, effective way for programs to recruit new players into the sport and their organization. This grant is for US Lacrosse Member Organizations that want to introduce lacrosse to boys and girls, ages 6-14, for the first time. This opens an affordable path for parents to allow their children to discover if they enjoy lacrosse before paying the full registration fee for a program or season. Awarded organizations will receive the necessary resources to provide a safe and fun introductory lacrosse experience.


by posted 02/06/2020
CYLA 2020

Please Click Here for an overview on the CYLA 2020 season, publushed 1.28.20.

by posted 01/28/2020

CYLA Club Information


If you are new to Colorado or to the sport of boy’s youth lacrosse and have questions concerning what options are available in your neighborhood, what club to register with, etc, please contact the individual club listed below that manages your CYLA region in our league.

The organization that is now CYLA started in the fall of 1990 when Mark Foster and Jamie Duke agreed to form a boys' junior lacrosse organization. Foster founded the Redhawks, focused on Central Denver, and Duke founded the Indians, focused on South Denver. Each club started with one team consisting of second and third grade boys.  The first game was played in March 1991.

In the 25 years that have followed, CYLA has grown to 28 clubs spanning the state from Grand Junction to Aurora; Fort Collins to Pueblo and multiple locations along the Front Range.  In 2015, over 5000 boys participated in CYLA.  Since inception, CYLA has been a volunteer-led community based youth organization focused solely on boys lacrosse.  Each club is managed as a separate entity & each club manages a distinct region in our league.  There are some areas that are shared by multiple clubs, so please contact the clubs directly for more details.

The CYLA offers programs ranging from the entry level young guns to the D1 aspiring middle school players.  We offer a high range of competition and focus on each individual’s need to grow the game of lacrosse within the state of Colorado.  Not all clubs offer a full range of programs.

If you are interested in girls youth lacrosse, please visit www.cglax.com

by posted 12/30/2014

UPDATED for FALL 2018: The CYLA (Colorado Youth Lacrosse Association) will continue to use June 1st as the cutoff date for age-based classification. 

The CYLA has permanently adopted US Lacrosse guidelines regarding age-based classification.  

Players in the same grade will generally be grouped together, provided that they meet the June 1 birth date cutoff for that age group.  All players are required to provide official proof of birth date (birth certificate, passport, adoption papers, etc) before participating in sanctioned CYLA games. 

All current 8th graders are eligible to play, regardless of birthdate.  No high school players are permitted to participate.

A player's eligibility for the 2018 Fall or 2019 Spring season is determined by his age on May 31, 2018.  

  • For example, any player born on or after June 1, 2005 is eligible to play U13.
  • A player born on or before May 31, 2005 is not eligible to play U13 and must play U15. 
  • In general, we will group players on the basis of "Grade with an Age Cutoff."  This means that players in the same grade will be grouped on teams at the same age level, provided that they meet the June 1st cutoff date.
  • Players who are "young" for their grade will still be permitted to play at that age level.  For example, a 4th grader who is age-eligible for U9 (ie born after 6/1/2009) can still play U10. 


2018 FALL and 2019 SPRING Age Classifications: 

Division Born on or after Grade Equivalency Max Stick Length
  u7  6/1/2011  1st  37-42"
  u8  6/1/2010  2nd  37-42”
  u9  6/1/2009  3rd  37-42”
  u10  6/1/2008  4th  37-42”
  u11  6/1/2007  5th  37-42”, 47-54”
  u12  6/1/2006  6th  40-42”, 52-72"
  u13  6/1/2005  7th  40-42”, 52-72"
  u15  6/1/2003*  8th  40-42”, 52-72"

 * All current 8th graders are eligible to play, regardless of birthdate.
  9th graders are not eligible to play.

by posted 12/22/2014
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