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2021 CYLA Spring Championship 5.16 Details
CYLA 2021 Championship 5.16 (1st - 3rd Grade) Details   Participation...
2021 CYLA Coaches Reminders
All Coaches: For instructions on reporting scores, please Click...
2021 CYLA Spring Championship Dates
  2021 CYLA Spring Championship Dates 1. Sunday, May 16th:...
2021 CYLA Spring COVID Safety Protocols
   CYLA Spring 2021 Safety Protocols Our priorities...
2021 CYLA Spring Championship 5.16 Details

CYLA 2021 Championship 5.16 (1st - 3rd Grade) Details


Participation Waiver: Click Here - required for all players in advance of 5.16 participation


Schedules: Click Here


Map: Click Here


Rule Modifications for Festival Play: 
(1) Timeout per half vs the regular season (2) TO/half. 
No Overtime periods will be played in consolation games; Overtime will be played in winner brackets until there is a winner.
A very special thank you to Colorado Springs Youth Sports for their support of the CYLA Spring Championships. Please consider visiting one of Colorado Springs coolest athletic attractions while you're in town for the games.
United States Olympic & Paralympic Musem Special Offer for CYLA:
1. Make Reservations at usopm.org - use promo code: YOUTHSPORTS for special discounted rates:  Adults: $15.95; Children: $10.95.

by posted 05/10/2021
2021 CYLA Coaches Reminders
  • All Coaches: For instructions on reporting scores, please Click Here. 


  • 1st - 3rd grade Coaches:  For clarification on where coaches may coach from during 7v7 games, please: Click Here


  • 2021 Season Reminders:
    • HAVE FUN - CYLA provides developmental & recreational lacrosse opportunities. 
    • ​ONLY Head Coaches should speak to officials (not assistants, players, or parents)
    • We're all in the CYLA together; treat every player, parent, official, & coach you meet this season like a new neighbor
    • Clean up after yourselves & treat away facilities as if they were your home field
    • Sportsmanship is of the utmost importance, there's no room for poor sportsmanship & CYLA will not tolerate it. 

by posted 04/19/2021
2021 CYLA Spring Championship Dates


2021 CYLA Spring Championship Dates

1. Sunday, May 16th: El Pomar Youth Sport Complex; 1st - 3rd Grade


2. Sunday, May 23rd: El Pomar Youth Sport Complex; 4th - 8th Grade


El Pomar Address: 2212 Executive Cir, Colorado Springs, CO 80906

by posted 04/12/2021
2021 CYLA Spring COVID Safety Protocols


 CYLA Spring 2021 Safety Protocols

Our priorities are communal health and safety, and the kids returning to play.

Program representatives (to include coaches) should be present to enforce the following protocols:


  • Local & state regulations will be adhered to at each specific venue as they are released, modified, and updated during the 2021 season. Please contact or host programs directly with any specific questions regarding the below Safety Guidelines.


  • CYLA requests a maximum of (2) guardian per player attend games. 6-foot social distancing should be maintained between households.


  • Any spectator, player or coach who is not feeling well, having a fever at or higher than100.4, or exhibiting any signs or symptoms of COVID-19, including mild to severe respiratory illness with fever, and/or difficulty breathing, or other symptoms identified by the CDC, is not allowed to participate.


  • Masks are requested for all players, coaches, & spectators, before, during, and after games; masks should be worn all times when outside your vehicle unless you are actively participating in a game. Coaches are requested to wear masks while on the sideline.


  • Any spectator, player or coach who has been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 may not attend games. A player who tests positive for COVID-19 must sit out a minimum of 10 days, or provide results of a negative COVID-19 test.


  • If a spectator, player, coach, or official tests positive for COVID-19, CYLA & affiliated teams will provide active rosters with contact information to provide to local health department.


  • Spectators should wait in vehicles until the previous game’s players coaches, and spectators are completely clear and in vehicles. Spectators are asked to wear masks from parking lot to sideline, during the game, and from field back to their vehicle.


  • Players, and coaches can warm up prior to their games IF able to use space significant distance away from others. Masks must be worn from the vehicle to warm up space, and from warm up space to the playing field. Teams must exit the facility immediately following their games conclusion.


  • No tailgating or congregating in the parking lot. Social distance must be maintained if waiting occurs, and teams should depart facilities immediately upon completion of their games.


  • Players and coaches should practice 6-foot social distancing on the sideline.


  • Players should use hand sanitizer before and after the game. Programs should provide disinfecting materials to cleans balls and any other game used equipment frequently. Players should wash equipment & uniforms immediately after games


  • There will be no handshakes during coin flip or post-game. Use a wave or salute. High fives, chest bumps or other direct contact outside gameplay is discouraged.


  • Players should not share any equipment, supplies, snacks, or water. Programs should NOT provide a communal jug


  • Referees/officials are not required to wear masks during game play but may wear them if/when practical. Must make every attempt to social distance 6 feet or greater.


by posted 04/02/2021

CYLA Club Information


If you are new to Colorado or to the sport of boy’s youth lacrosse and have questions concerning what options are available in your neighborhood, what club to register with, etc, please contact the individual club listed below that manages your CYLA region in our league.

The organization that is now CYLA started in the fall of 1990 when Mark Foster and Jamie Duke agreed to form a boys' junior lacrosse organization. Foster founded the Redhawks, focused on Central Denver, and Duke founded the Indians, focused on South Denver. Each club started with one team consisting of second and third grade boys.  The first game was played in March 1991.

In the 25 years that have followed, CYLA has grown to 28 clubs spanning the state from Grand Junction to Aurora; Fort Collins to Pueblo and multiple locations along the Front Range.  In 2015, over 5000 boys participated in CYLA.  Since inception, CYLA has been a volunteer-led community based youth organization focused solely on boys lacrosse.  Each club is managed as a separate entity & each club manages a distinct region in our league.  There are some areas that are shared by multiple clubs, so please contact the clubs directly for more details.

The CYLA offers programs ranging from the entry level young guns to the D1 aspiring middle school players.  We offer a high range of competition and focus on each individual’s need to grow the game of lacrosse within the state of Colorado.  Not all clubs offer a full range of programs.

If you are interested in girls youth lacrosse, please visit www.cglax.com

by posted 12/30/2014
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