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Officials Online Test Information
  Bullet points about accessing the USL Central...
  Officials - Please use the Online Form tab...
Officials Online Test Information

Bullet points about accessing the USL Central Hub to take the 25 question youth test:
1)     Ensure that you have an officials membership with US Lacrosse.  Some of our high school players may need to add the officials designator to your player membership.
2)    If the officials renews as an official or joins as an official, or is a current member and has requested an upgrade to official status, there is a 24 hour lag between the update to the member status and actual permissions to enter the hub.      
a.       Side note: We are completing the integration in the next 2 weeks which will make that delay only about 5 minutes but for now it is about 24 hours.
3)      If the official has an Arbiter account already they MUST have the same e-mail address on record with both USL and Arbiter in order to gain access to the US Lacrosse Central Hub. Attached are the instructions for making sure both e-mails are the same and how to synch them up.
      4)      If items 1 and 2  are verified and the individual still cannot access the Central Hub, you need to e-mail their member ID and exact issue to and we are usually able to respond within 24 hours with the reason for the glitch and hopefully the solution too.


Officials -

Please use the Online Form tab on the left to submit any unsportsmanlike conduct penalties or conduct problems that you believe the league should be aware of which will then be reported to the CYLA conduct committee.

Administrators -

Again for 2014 - we will maintain a listing of all posted conduct issues under the Yellow Card Recepients tab for your review.  For access to the password protected page, please contact Mike Stears.

Thanks for your help this year!!!