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Click here for printable version:  CYLA TIMEKEEPER DUTIES

  • Home Team shall provide Equipment
    • Stopwatches/Clocks/Scoreboard
  • Each team will supply one person to act as Time Keepers, Score Keeper
  • Time Keepers & Score Keepers will remain neutral at all times
  • Timekeepers will keep both game time and penalty time
  • Timekeepers/Scorers will record each player’s Personal Fouls
    • Time and Number of Personal Fouls
  • Time Cues:
    • Any officials’ or coaches’ request for game or penalty time
    • Alert Officials and Coaches to
      • 2 minute and 1 minute remaining in each period
      • Countdown time with less than 1 minute remaining
      • Countdown penalty time
      • Use Horn to signal end of period
    • 2 Minute Break: 1st & 2nd qtrs. and 3rd & 4th qtrs.
    • 5 Minute Halftime Break
  • Game Timing
    • (4) 12-Minute Running Quarters
  • Game Clock - Running Time Stops Only for:
    • Team Time Out (2 per half per team)
    • Officials Time Out
    • Injury Time Out
    • All Whistles during last 2 Minutes of game with 2 Goal or less differential
  • Penalty Clock Stops for ALL whistles
  • Overtime (2) 4 minute sudden victory overtime periods.
    • No Time Outs
  • Penalties (will be stated by Official):
    • Personal Fouls: 1-3 Minutes
    • Technical Fouls:  30 Seconds
  • Penalties are enforced with man down (U10 thru U15).
  • U9-U8-U7 players substitute out and sit in the penalty box.  U9-U8-U7 does not play man-down (substitute for offending player).
  • Keep a record of all personal fouls and technical fouls for each player along with the penalty minutes assessed.
  • Notify the nearest official immediately if a player accumulates 3 personal fouls or 5-minutes of accumulated penalty time-- player is automatically disqualified. 
  • U9-U8-U7 Divisions: Timekeeper announces 3-4 minute “time breaks” for substitutions.  Otherwise, ALL substitutions are “on-the-fly.”