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Colorado Youth Lacrosse Association (CYLA) 

1.0.0 POLICY
1.0.1.a The purposes for which this corporation is organized are to promote the game of lacrosse and to provide a safe and fun opportunity for youth players while emphasizing the importance of good sportsmanship, fitness, teamwork and education of the sport.
1.0.1. b 
CYLA seeks to foster a state wide lacrosse community that encourages understanding, appreciation and acceptance of all within its membership, volunteer base, and directors. Further, CYLA believes that broad representation and participation add significant value to the lacrosse experience of each of us, and that these valued experiences are enhanced by embracing underrepresented and underserved communities. 

1.0.1.c  CYLA uses it's website (CYLA.US) as a primary electronic repository.  CYLA may make changes each year primarily before each Spring Season.  It is the intent that changes be made before clubs start their registration process which may start as early as October or November.  It is the intent that all rules and regulations be completed in the September General Meeting prior to the start of the Spring Season.  Specific changes will be identified in the Documents tab or in the Rules and regulations tab of the website.

1.0.2 All teams must be sponsored by an organization governed by a Board of Directors or other responsible body. New organizations must apply in writing to the CYLA Board and be approved by a two-thirds vote of that body.  All applications must be received no later than September 1st. Organizations comprising the CYLA must enter all players in all sponsored teams in this league within the grade and age limits established within these rules.

he CYLA is a recreational youth lacrosse league. It is encouraged that each player participate in each game, but playing time may vary.
1.0.4.a Boys’ divisions can be divided into conferences based on the skill level of the players. For example only, the conferences will be Red for advanced players, White for intermediate players and Blue for beginning players. Any division may be divided into A and B conferences. Teams from new organizations will be placed in the blue and/or white divisions in their first year. Exceptions to this rule must be approved by the Executive Committee.
1.0.4.b Scheduling will be done using the priorities as determined by the CYLA.
1.0.4.c Any teams may play each other from the same program at will. Any teams may play scrimmage games at will.
1.0.5 The CYLA recommends that team roster have a minimum 13 players and a maximum of 25 players.
1.0.6 No new teams may be added to the league after team registration closes as defined in the yearly Operational Calendar found under the web site documents tab.    Final rosters are to be turned in to the league Secretary the Wednesday before the first league game.  Previously unregistered new players may be added to rosters up to the second game of the season with the CYLA Commissioner's approval in advance. All player additions to these rosters will be sent to the league Secretary by Wednesday of the following week.
1.0.7 All field assignments shall be turned into the league
as defined in the yearly Operational Calendar found under the web site documents tab.  
1.0.8 The CYLA requires that all head coaches be trained by attending a yearly CYLA coaching clinic to qualify them in the rules of the game, the CYLA Rules and Regulations, coaching fundamental techniques, player safety, care of injuries, and leadership of children and young people. Clinic dates are available
in the yearly Operational Calendar found under the web site documents tab
1.0.9 Each club shall obtain insurance for each player on its roster on an annual basis. The League  requires US Lacrosse membership as a means to cover this insurance requiremen. The CYLA Board recommends that his/her personal physician give all players a physical examination before participating in lacrosse practice and/or games within three months of the start of the season. No player shall be allowed to participate in the CYLA if a physician recommends non-play. It is the responsibility of parents and each respective organization to determine and monitor the health of individual players on a continuing basis.
1.1.1.a. National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHSA) Rules, as ammended by US Lacrosse rules for Boys,  shall apply to all scheduled league games unless amended by these Rules and Regulations.  Annually the CYLA will review these rules and provide exceptions, which meet the needs of the member organizations.  These "house rules" are listed under the website Rules and Regulations tab. 
1.1.1.b. Any questions not covered by the Rules and Regulations, official interpretation thereof, or any conflict not subject to protest shall be decided by the CYLA Executive Committee.
1.1.2 Scheduled league games will be officiated by a recognized Official’s organization.  
1.1.3 League play will commence on a date established each year, for all divisions. The number of regular season games shall be at least eight, barring natural circumstances
1.2.1 The CYLA will be composed of youth teams from its member clubs who compete in different divisions divided by age or grade as decided annually by the CYLA Board. No player who has played in high school, i.e., ninth grade or higher, may participate in this league. Eligible players are in the eighth grade or below during the spring season.  
1.2.2.a. Team rosters shall be supplied by each club for each team in the CYLA  in the prescribed electronic format approved by the league one week prior to the first game of the season (see Appendix #2 for official roster format). Individual club’s privacy policies will be taken into account when their rosters are submitted.
1.2.2.b. After submitting a certified roster to CYLA,  a CYLA team shall not change its roster for any individual game.
1.2.2.c. After the second game of the season, a program may request a waiver to allow a player to participate. The CYLA Executive Committee will promptly approve or deny this request.
1.2.3 A player may play with only one member club. A player may play on only one team.
1.2.4 All youth registered with one organization and a member of that organization's team roster cannot be transferred to another organization's team during the season without consent of the CYLA Executive Committee.
1.2.9  All players, head coaches and game officials must be current US Lacrosse members.  USL player membership numbers are listed on rosters.  All head coaches are required to register through League Athletics for a yearly Coach Education program and membership is required to register.   
All officials are required to register through League Athletics for a yearly Officials Education program and membership is required to register.  Officials can not register for Arbiter until they are certifed.  

1.2.10 CYLA Championship eligibility.  A team must play four games against other CYLA teams in regular season games or in Tournament Qualifying events that include Grand Valley, Aspen and Vail tournaments as well as the Colorado Lacrosse Championship.  Interleague games are included.  Games must be completed by the Sunday prior to the CYLA Championship.  Time constraining, these games may likely be reflected in League Athletics.

1.3.1.a. All clubs are required to have approved uniform color combinations at the beginning of each season. These approved colors shall be worn at games unless a conflict arises. It is the home team responsibility to provide an alternate color uniform if a conflict arises.
1.3.1.b All players must be completely uniformed. The CYLA recommends all equipment requirements follow rules as written by the NFHSA 2008 Boys' Lacrosse Rules and as amended by the US Lacrosse Youth Council and the CYLA Rules and Regulations.
1.3.2 The home team shall be responsible for the following: field location, field equipment including, but not limited to: goals, clocks, horns (optional), balls, end line markers, and lined fields including  penalty boxes. Field size shall be considered to meet rules, but conditions may dictate special field regulations. Each team should also provide a person to man the scorer’s table for time keeping purposes.
1.3.3 It is recommended that each team should have its own First Aid Kit at all practices and games.
1.4.2 Practice locations, lengths and guidelines will be determined by the individual organizations.
1.5.0 GAMES
1.5.1 Effective 15 Minutes prior to the start of the first game and continuing until the end of the last game of the day, there shall be no use of tobacco, alcohol products or illegal substance on the field, sidelines or around the players. Playing fields will be considered drug and alcohol free zones. The Head Coach  is responsible for enforcing this rule. If the individual is a coach and refuses to cooperate, he will be warned that continued failure to comply with this rule will result in the forfeiture of the game by his team. If this occurs the coach is also subject to suspension for one game, if upheld by the CYLA Board. If the individual is not a coach, and refuses to comply with this rule, he/she will be ejected from the playing field. This rule applies to any individual involved in the game, including but not limited to players, parents, officials, coaches and fans.
1.5.2 Coaches should are required to have a copy of the "official roster with numbers and verified birthdates" available by request at all games.
1.5.3 The starting time for games will be that published by the CYLA. Lightning delays as defined in Section 1.5.4 may result in game(s) being cancelled.
 1.5.4 Weather delay: more than 50% of boy’s regulation time must have expired to be considered a complete game. In the event of lightning, all CYLA games will be governed by Colorado High School Activities Association rules that require all players shall leave the field and seek shelter in enclosed motor vehicles or buildings for 30 minutes following the last sighting and each subsequent sighting will start a new 30 minute delay.

1.5.5 Teams that do not show for a game, within the time limits established 1.5.3 will forfeit that game.  Officials shall remain at the field and officiate a scrimmage between the two teams at the request of the coaches.  

1.5.6 A maximum of three coaches will be permitted in the designated coaching area. Team statisticians, recorders, etc., if not members of the three person coaching staff, must remain outside of the designated coach's area. Coaches, statisticians, recorders, etc. may not verbally coach players from outside of the coaches’ area except as allowed for 1st-2nd-3rd grade coaches who are on the field of play. For 1st-2nd-3rd coaches, only one coach per team (of the three total allowed) is allowed on the field; this coach must stay opposite of the box side and may move from end line to end line. Coaches must remain in the coaching box (including between quarters and time outs) unless requested by the officials to enter the field.
1.5.7 Spectator areas shall be provided on the opposite side of the field from the team boxes. Only club administrators, officials, players, coaches and equipment managers of participating teams will be allowed near the team sidelines. Spectators will not be allowed on the players’ sidelines and end lines during games, unless field condition prevent this or offer a fenced off or other designated area.
1.5.8 Pylons or cones will be provided by the home team organization.
1.5.9 Coaches must be easily recognizable by appropriate wearing apparel, such as a cap, sweatshirt, or jacket identifying them with their organization and/or team if possible.
1.5.10 Game officials shall check both teams' players for proper equipment, especially sticks, helmets and mouthpieces.
1.5.11 No jersey can be changed during the game unless deemed necessary by the officials.
1.5.13 Home team administrator(s) or coaches shall be responsible for recording game scores and records.
1.5.14 Games shall be postponed in case of inclement weather. This decision to postpone games will be made by each individual  home field Organization Administrator. This information will be disseminated by use of CYLA Web site. It is the responsibility of the home  Administrator to notify the Referee Coordinator of game cancelations as far in advance as possible. Postponed games, including a rain out, will be re-scheduled as necessary. Each game shall be rescheduled so as not to provide an unfair advantage to either team.
1.6.1 There will be no restrictions as to jersey numbers by player positions.CYLA requires numbers on the front and back of player jerseys.
1.6.2 MCR Rule for all Boys Divisions. An application of a modified competition rule (MCR) will be in effect when any team gains a five-goal lead. After the score that makes the five (or more) point difference, the losing team will be given possession of the ball at the mid-field line in lieu of a face-off, if desired by the coach or team administer.NOTE: this MCR does not eliminate the quarter face-offs for boys which will occur regardless of point differential. This rule does not apply for 6th, 7th and 8th grade U12/U13/U15 red division games.
1.7.1 Penalties for violations of this section shall be decided and imposed by the CYLA Executive Committee. The CYLA Executive Committee may also impose additional penalties, beyond those specified, if deemed appropriate (i.e. game forfeiture, post season ineligibility, game suspension, year suspension, etc.).
1.7.2.a. If at any time the Executive Committee finds the conduct of any player, member of the coaching staff, or Club official to be detrimental and contrary to the best interest of the CYLA or his/her program, such individual may be suspended by the CYLA Board  by a majority vote, from further participation for whatever period of time may be deemed reasonable and proper.
1.7.2.b. Each program administrator should investigate any detrimental conduct by any player or member of the coaching staff of his/her individual teams.
1.7.2.c. All investigations of detrimental conduct, and penalties imposed, handled by the organizational administrator shall be reported in writing within 72 hours of the incident and sent by fax and/or email to the CYLA Executive Committee.
1.7.3 Club administrator(s) and coaches shall be responsible for the conduct of all players, members of the coaching staff and spectators. Improper conduct, in the judgment of the game officials, on the part of the players, coaches or spectators may result in penalties, expulsion, and suspension and or forfeiture of the game.
1.7.4 The head coaches shall have the responsibility to assist the game officials in maintaining proper conduct of players, coaching staff and spectators.

1.7.5.c. Any member of the coaching staff who is ejected from a game must immediately leave the field complex.   
Any player or member of the coaching staff who is ejected from a game will be suspended from the following game.  The club administrator, the opposing team head coach and officials of the following game will be notified that the coach is not allowed at the following game site,  Any coach who violates this rule will be suspended for one year.
(1) Any player allowed by game officials to return to a game shall not be considered as being ejected from a game.
(2) A player or member of the coaching staff removed from the game on the final play of the game shall be considered ejected from the game and will be suspended for the following game.
(3) Game officials shall notify the field commissioner of any ejections.  Game officials shall notify the CYLA Executive Committee of any ejection, as soon as possible.
(4) Use of an illegal or ineligible player will constitute an immediate forfeit and a two game suspension of the head coach.
1.7.5.d. Any player or member of the coaching staff who uses abusive, disrespectful, or profane language or who otherwise exhibits unsportsmanlike conduct before, during, or after any ball game will be suspended for the following game after review by the CYLA Executive Committee.  Infractions must be reported by the Game officials.  
1.7.5.e. Any member of the coaching staff who is involved in a fight before or after any game or is ejected from a game for fighting will be suspended for one year. The suspension must be reviewed by the CYLA Executive Committee who may confirm, increase, or decrease the length of the suspension.
1.7.5.f. Any player or member of the coaching staff who repeats any of the aforementioned offenses within a season will be suspended for the remainder of the season.
1.7.6 All Coaches of the CYLA must read, understand, and sign the "CYLA CODE OF CONDUCT" form electronically via the CEP registrtion (see Appendix #4).

1.8.1.a. The CYLA Executive Committee is formed in an effort to foster all tenets of good sportsmanship, conduct, and in the best interest of the sport. Its primary function is to uphold the rules and regulations of this program and to levy fair and reasonable disciplinary action should such be necessary. All members of the CYLA Executive Committee may succeed themselves on that committee. The CYLA Executive Committee shall be granted the authority to forfeit any game as a committee without formal protest if violation is found.
1.8.1.b. The only valid game protest that will be accepted by the CYLA Executive Committee shall be for eligibility reasons in the following categories:
(1) Over-age
(2) Official’s conduct
(3) Incorrect and/or incomplete roster
(4) Playing of ineligible players
(5) Playing of suspended player
(6) Coaching by suspended coaches
(7) Non participant problem and unsportsmanlike activities by parents and spectators
In order to get a complaint on the agenda, it is required that the complaining coach through his/her organization administrator notify, by telephone, a member of the CYLA Executive Committee.
1.8.2 Protests concerning Rules 1.8.1(a) & 1.8.1(b) above can be made at any time during the season. Organizational administrators should report all violations suspected to the CYLA Executive Committee. Names of witnesses and evidence must be furnished.
1.8.3 Game protests, filed under Rules 1.8.1(b) that are upheld, shall result in forfeiture of all games in which the ineligible player or players participated. Additional penalties in the form of suspension of players, coaches, or other officials involved may be imposed.
1.8.4 Appeals from decisions of the CYLA Executive Committee shall be made in writing to the President(s) of the CYLA Board within three (3) working days from the date of the protest decision. The President(s) of the CYLA Board may approve or disapprove the decision of the CYLA Executive Committee which action will be final unless the plaintiff or defendant organizational administrator requires in writing that the CYLA Board review the matter. If this occurs, the President(s) will render a final decision in the matter of majority consent. There will be no further appeals.
1.9.1 Where penalties for rule violations are not specified, the CYLA Executive Committee will decide them.
1.9.2 Where penalties for rule violations are not specified and for other matters that may be complained of, penalties if deemed appropriate, may be assessed as follows:
A. Letter of reprimand
B. Probation of individuals * see note *
C. Suspension of individuals
D. Forfeiture of a game or games
Note *would only apply for one year unless extended by two/thirds majority vote of the CYLA Board.
1.9.3 The penalty for an over-age player's participating in games, if discovered, (whether protested or not) and processed through the CYLA Executive Committee will result in forfeiture of all games in which the illegal player participated and that player's expulsion from any further league activities for the current season.
1.9.4 The penalty for a player who participates in a game and did not register as required, with both the member club and league, if discovered (whether protested or not) and processed through the Executive Committee will result in forfeiture of all games in which the illegal player participated. Further, this player and coach must receive written approval to continue to play from the Executive Committee.

This report will be only available online at www.cyla.us and will need to be filled in online.
(Please see CYLA Rules on the Rules & Regulations "Tab")

NOTE – This will also be available online and will conform to the Positive Coaches Alliance (PCA) code of conduct.
I. Policy Statement
The Colorado Youth Lacrosse Association (CYLA) is committed to the exhibition of sportsmanship and ethical behaviors in and around all athletic contests played under its sanction. All contests must be safe, fair, controlled and orderly for all athletes, officials, and fans alike.
It is the intent of the CYLA that unsportsmanlike behavior and violence in any form is not to be tolerated in athletic contests or practices under the jurisdiction of the CYLA. In order to enforce this policy, the CYLA has implemented regulations in cooperation with appropriate coaches and club commissioners, who set forth the manner of implementation and enforcement of this policy, and the penalties incurred when violations of this policy occur. The rules and regulations shall focus upon the responsibility of the coach to teach and demand high standards of conduct and to enforce personally the rules and regulations set forth by the CYLA.
The CYLA requires that the following code of ethics and disclosure be issued to and signed by each head and assistant coach, each season, as a guide to govern their behavior. The penalty for failing to sign a copy of this policy will be to restrict the coach from participating in CYLA programs
II. Code of Conduct for Coaches

  • Be courteous at all times with players, opponents, game officials and fans.
  • Exercise self-control on the field before, during and after contests.
  • Be responsible for the sportsmanlike conduct of his or her players on the team.
  • Explain to the parents that they are to respect the decisions of the referees and the play of both teams in a sportsmanlike manner.
  • There shall be no use of foul and abusive language.
  • Be familiar with all rules of the contest.
  • Respect the integrity and judgment of game officials.
  • There shall be no use of tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, or illegal drugs at CYLA programs.
  • There shall be no recruitment of players from other teams or clubs.
  • Win with character, lose with dignity.

I have read and understood the Policy Statement and Code of Conduct for Coaches, and the violations and penalties of the "Code of Conduct Policy". I have also read and understood the rules and regulations of the CYLA, specifically Section 1.7 "Conduct" and Section 1.9 "Penalties".
I agree to abide by the policy while participating in CYLA athletics regardless of contest site or jurisdiction.
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Position: [   ] Head Coach   [   ] Assistant Coach